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You will find Our Best Quality Used Jeans, Grade A Quality, Mixed Brands, Top Brands as low as $1.40 ea and Grade A Levi's for only $5.00 ea, also the Lowest Priced Jeans on the Internet as low as $0.30 ea FOB Miami, Florida ... we are very well known as THE HOME of THE GRADE "A" JEANS for $1.40 !!!!
Grade A Jeans
Mixed Brands from $1.40 to $1.90 ea

** Sorting and Grading of Our Used Jeans **

Recycled / Used / Second Hand Jeans for Men & Women, packed in Bales of 100.... Specially Selected and Graded A Quality, NO HOLES & NO TEARS - OUR TOP QUALITY

Our Grade A Jeans are as follows:
All brands Mixed, brands such as Lee, Wrangler, Rustlers, Gitano, BounJouir, Chic, Arizona, Pepes, Britania, Gloria, Sergio Valente, C.K., Gap, Oscar de la Renta, Dockers, Sierra, West, etc., etc., over 50 assorted brands * No Levi’s * ALL BRANDS ARE MIXED IN THE BALES

Approx. 70% to 80% are Blue Jeans & 20% to 30% assorted Colors. Sizes are Mixed, from 24 inches to 40 inches of Waist, with an average waist size of 26 to 34 inches... WE SELL THE BEST SELLING SIZES IN THE WORLD.. !!!

Packed in SMALL BALES with 100 Jeans each Our bales are strapped and wrapped with a thick jute plastic, the approx. weight is 150 Lbs each and the sizes is 30x24x24 inches. We load 200 bales (20,000 Jeans) in a 20 foot container, our min. order is 2,000 jeans. Our Prices are F.O.B. Miami, Florida

GRADE “A” No Holes or Tears:


$1.40 ea on orders of 10,000
$1.65 ea for orders 5,000 Jeans

2,000 JEANS AT $1.90 ea

All Prices are in Our Warehouse in Miami **

Sorry, We Do NOT Sell AA or AAA Quality Used Jeans Because our Used Recycled Grade A Clothing is Graded by Humans and Not Machines, we have up to a 10% of Human Error (up to a 10% with Small Damages and Defects) on every Order


GRADE "B" MIXED BRANDS JEANS as low as $0.95 ea


Blue Jeans as low as $0.30 ea.
Grade C
YES, BLUE JEANS AT ONLY $0.30 EA or $0.20 per Lb (pound) MIAMI

only $0.30 each

Jeans for Men & Women, all sizes from 24 to 40 inches waist with an average 26 to 34 inches .. All Brands, many and many KNOWN brands such as; LEE, WRANGLER, ARIZONA, CK, GAP, BUGLE B, TOMMY, GLORIA, SERGIO, PEPE, PALMETTON, BRITANIA, etc., etc., as many a 50 brands and non-brands ... All Mixed ... in Blue's and assorted Colors ... !!

Same Brands as our Grade A Jeans, but just at a LESSER Quality !!! ...

This what you get:
After the Graders in the Warehouse separete the Grade A Jeans that Normaly Sell at the Super Low Prices of $1.40 to $1.90 each, whichever / what-ever Jean that DOES NOT Classify as or it is NOT Graded "A" Quality, it will go into this Group, such as:

Our Used Jeans Grade "C" They have Holes, Tears, Damages, Peals, Extra Used, Extra Faided, Light Fabrics, etc., etc., etc. Many Jeans, maybe as much as 60%, 75% or 80% or maybe 90% of this Group are Wearable. Packed in Bales with approx 1,000 Lbs (800 Lbs to 1,200 Lbs) ... each bale will have the Number - Pairs of Jeans packed inside and / or the Weight ... !!!

On a 20 foot Container (min. order) we can load approx 22,000 Lbs at only $0.20 Lb (pound) Miami or $0.30 each in BIG Bales with approx 1,000 Lbs of Grade C Jeans ... Min. Order 11,000 Lbs (pounds) 

Let us Know How We Can Be of Service - Please, Let us Know What You are Looking For - Call Us or Send E-Mail

Because our Grade A Jeans are Graded by Humans and NOT Machines, we have up to a 10% Human Error (up to 10% Small Damages) in Every Order !!!!!

Please, send us an Email

Levi's Strauss only $5.00 each
Grade A Used Recycled Levi's for Men & Women at only $4.00 to $6.00 ea
FOB Miami, Florida .. !!

LEVI'S at $5.00 ea.for Limited Time Only!

ALL SERIES 500'S, 600's, 900's .. INCLUDING "SILVER TAB and SIGNATURE" EXCEPT THE 501'S (No button down) ... FOR MEN & WOMEN AT $5.00 EA.

Recycled / Used / Second Hand Levi's for Men & Women, Our Grade A Quality ... with NO HOLES and NO TEARS ... packed in Bales of 100 Levi's, wrapped in Thick Heavy Jute Plastic and with approx 5 metal straps .... this is a Mixture of Men & Women in Blue & Colors in every ZIPPER STYLE Produced by Levi's Strauss & Co. (No 501's).

60% are Blue Jeans & 40% assorted Colors. Sizes are Mixed, from 24 inches to 40 inches of Waist, with an average waist size of 26 to 34 inches


2,000 pairs Grade A Used Levi's only $5.00 ea
1,200 pairs ... $5.50 ea
800 pairs ...... $6.00 ea

These Levi's Strauss are ORIGINALS, Recycled / Used Jeans..Our Grade A Quality, with NO WHOLES and NO TEARS ** Our Best Quality **, You will Get All Levi's Models with a Zipper (Series 500's, 600's + 900's and the Silver Tab/Signature, but NO 501's) !! * The Size of the Bale is approx 30 x 24 x 24 Inches and it has an approx Gross Weight of 160 Lbs ea. Bale *

GRADE "B" LEVI'S JEANS as low as $3.50 ea

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