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Only Recycle & Supply Quality Used Products

By sourcing second-hand clothing, we’re addressing the need for trendy used clothes while reducing clothing waste.

With ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications, our production sites are the epicenter for over 6,000 tons of material per month, with 400 dedicated workers routinely sorting through each one with utmost scrutiny. We fill up 200 40-foot containers of used clothing weekly.

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Our Four Used Clothing Factories

aerial view of our certified Guangzhou factory


aerial view of HissenGlobal's Jiangsu factory


external view of HissenGlobal's Dongguan factory


an external view of HissenGlobal's Hanzhou facility


Figures Speak Louder than Words

timely delivery

280,000 Kg

Products /Day

Being in the business for more than a decade has allowed our team to streamline the sorting process, covering nearly 300,000 kilos of second-hand clothes daily.

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3,000 Tons


Always ready to fulfill your order for top-tier second-hand clothes, we source our items from over 70,000 collection points located in first-tier cities in China.

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Rounds of Inspection

Hissen Global’s renowned sorting process includes five rounds of inspection, each round ensuring the utmost quality of the clothes that we ship out.

Quality Control>>

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Containers /Week

We constantly fill 200 40-foot containers weekly with carefully selected second-hand clothes, shipping them to various countries around the world.




Our team of expert workers utilizes their extended industry know-how to handpick each second-hand item and is familiar with what sells in each market.




Each factory, which spans a total of 10,000 square meters, is well-equipped with the latest tools for fast and efficient sorting of second-hand clothes.

Convenient Location

Strategically located in Guangzhou, China, we’re nearly an arm’s reach from the airport.

Ready-to-Ship Inventory

Having 3,000 tons of second-hand clothes in stock means we can quickly ship your order.

Suitable Used Product

Choose the right size, design, and material, thanks to our vast assortment of second-hand clothing types.

7-Day-Lead Time

Streamlined sorting and meticulous quality control lead to faster order completion times.

100% Full Container Usage

Each container is maximized, so you get the most out of every shipment.

Take Advantage of Our Factory

A perk of working with a world-class second-hand clothing supplier like Hissen Global is that you’re working with the best in the industry. We take care of the sourcing and sorting, so you can focus on making money and expanding your business.

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Get in Touch with Our Experts

    Take a Virtual Factory Tour

    With our virtual tour, you can see the inner workings of our used factory! See how we process our old items and get an inside peek at our quality control process. We invite you to tour our facilities, whether in person or through your Chinese agent.