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Wholesale Sports Clothing Company With Endless Inventory

Hissen used sports clothing was established in 2013, focusing on providing high-quality wholesale used sports clothing and used branded shoes. We own four factories and rigorously select qualified suppliers across China to ensure the premium quality of our used sports clothing and used branded shoes. Our largest factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, housing 400,000 pairs of shoes and 1.5 million pieces of used sports clothing in our warehouse, enabling us to facilitate fast shipping within 1-7 days.Our competitive pricing, extensive inventory, and delivery lead time of 1-7 days have earned widespread appreciation.

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    Why Choose Hissen Sports Chothing

    HissenGlobal's two warehouses 2

    100,000 m' Factory

    We meticulously select the finest suppliers across major first-tier cities throughout China.

    Used brand clothing

    First Bale Inspection

    We will conduct an initial inspection to ensure the quality of our products.

    team going through used clothes lined up on an assembly line

    100% Handpicked Processing

    Our skilled employees can pick and classify used clothing in accordance with your nation, budget, target market, and environment.

    Used Sports Clothing

    5 Rounds Inspections

    During the sorting process, we undergo a minimum of five rounds of quality checks to ensure top-notch quality.

    through our comprehensive services, we guarantee lasting partnerships

    60 Countries Presence

    We have been delivering our used summer clothing to nations all over the world and have established a solid reputation.

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    After-Sale Support

    Even after the order is fulfilled, we will continue to offer after-sales support services.

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      Quality in Every Piece of Used Clothing

      Matching the latest styles worldwide, our summer used clothing is only slightly used and retains their bright colors and patterns to blend in any scenery. Our strict sorting ensures consistent quality and identifies the right summer used clothing to fit your target country’s fashion sense.

      80% New of Products

      80% New of Products

      90% of all second-hand clothing we buy or receive from dependable suppliers must be hardly used, and 80% must be brand new.

      10% Material Inspection

      10% Material Inspection

      To make sure the supplier is up to our standards, we check 10% of the materials from the initial batch to assess the quality of upcoming used clothing from a certain source.

      100% Full Inspection

      100% Full Inspection

      To preserve the consistent quality of our used clothing, we thoroughly inspect each item of worn clothing before placing it in its unique packaging or bale.

      100% Full Inspection

      100% Full Inspection

      To preserve the consistent quality of our used clothing, we thoroughly inspect each item of worn clothing before placing it in its unique packaging or bale.

      Fashionable, Comfortable, Sustainable
      Fashion in 60 Countries

      We have a particular advantage over other suppliers in understanding market preferences because of our 10 years in the sector and collaborations with brands in more than 60 countries. For instance, we are aware that worn silk clothing in brilliant colors and traditional patterns is preferred in African markets.

      Earn Easier, More, and Faster with Hissen Global

      We have been supplying used summer used clothing in bulk to about 60 nations since 2009 and have established a solid reputation with reputable used clothing importers as CQS BEA in the Philippines, TRI STAR in Tanzania, and SKR in Nigeria. We not only offer premium used clothing at wholesale prices, but also top-notch services like logistics control and customs clearance. Our dedication is to help you increase your earnings more effectively and efficiently.

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        Summer Used Clothing

        Our used clothes gathered from the city are mostly brand new with vibrant colors and no apparent marks.

        six packages


        Container Load

        We assure you that our containers will be completely filled, and we’ll provide an additional 10% capacity to assist in cost savings.



        Lead Time

        We can finish processing and loading your order within a week, allowing you to take advantage of our fast service and stock availability to capture your market.



        Purchasing Experience

        We are proficient in English, French, and Spanish, enabling us to communicate with you effortlessly while also offering support with logistics and customs clearance.

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