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Winter Used Clothing in Bulk

We sort a variety of winter used clothing within our factories in Jiangsu, Huizhou, Dongguan and Guangzhou based on your recommendations and the latest fashion trends. Top-grade cities bring us a variety of coats, jackets and other winter used clothing of varying thickness and deliver them to you without need for a middleman to guarantee a lower price.

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    Winter Used Clothing for Your Countries

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    Right Styles

    Our handpicked sorting enables us to release winter used clothing in European, American, Asian and other styles and expand your customers’ choices.

    • UK/US Used Clothing

    • Japanese Used Clothing
    • Korean Used Clothing
    • Middle Eastern Used Clothing
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    Right Locations

    Our documentation process and partnership with local customs clearance agencies ensures you get your orders without added hassle.

    • Asia

    • Africa
    • Middle East
    • Oceania
    • South America
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    Right Bale Weight

    Adapting to your regional bale weight requirements, we pack your thick winter used clothing orders within 40kg to 100kg bales.

    • West Africa & Middle East: 80 kg – 100 kg/bale.

    • East Africa: 40kg – 50kg/bale.
    • American & Southeast Asian: 45-350 kg/bale.
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    Right Sizes

    Given the vast territory of China, Hissen Global’s used clothing is more suited to a wider array of people and physiques worldwide.

    • UK/US Sizes

    • Asia Sizes



    We gather secondhand winter clothing fromdifferent cities that are fashionable and cater to various preferences.

    top-shelf used clothing with bright colors and excellent quality


    Our used clothes are in great condition, with 80%being almost new and not worn much. They come in lively and vibrant colors.

    used winter clothing carefully inspected and cleaned for safety


    Our winter used clothing is less stained and notoverly soiled.

    high quality used winter clothing to keep wearers warm and comfy


    Our secondhand winter clothing is in excellentcondition, with no damage or pilling, and minimato no staining.

    impressive used clothing that fits any wearer size


    Our specialty is in selecting clothing items that areoversized to ensure they fit the sizing standards ofyour country.

    Fashionable, Comfortable, Sustainable Used Clothing

    We have a particular advantage over other suppliers in understanding market preferences because of our 10 years in the sector and collaborations with brands in more than 60 countries. For instance, we are aware that worn silk clothing in brilliant colors and traditional patterns is preferred in African and other markets.

    Hissen Global's Capabilities in Numbers

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    100,000 m' Factory

    The plant of Hissen Global, which employs 200 staff and 125 flow lines, takes up over 100,000 square meters.

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    3,000 Tons Inventory

    Because to our dependable supply network, we often have 3,000 tons of used clothing on hand, which allows for quick shipping to other countries.

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    100% Handpicked Processing

    Our knowledgeable staff can choose and categorize used clothing according to your country, spending limit, target market, and clients.

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    100% Competitive Pricing

    We offer pre-owned branded clothing from domestic and foreign companies for less money than pre-owned clothing from the US or the UK.

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    through our comprehensive services, we guarantee lasting partnerships

    60 Countries Presence

    We have been supplying countries all over the world with our used summer clothing, and we have built a strong name.

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    11 Years of Experience

    We are aware of numerous countries’ preferences, export requirements, and business requirements because we have provided used clothing to them.

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      Quality in Every Piece of Used Clothing

      Found in China’s elite cities, our winter used clothing has been verified for its bright colors and clean appearance to ensure long-term usability. As we apply strict standards in our 5 rounds of inspection, Hissen Global’s winter used clothing is BV and SGS certified for easy exportability.

      80% New of Products

      80% New of Products

      90% of the used clothing we purchase or get from reputable vendors must be in excellent condition, and 80% must be brand new.

      10% Material Inspection

      10% Material Inspection

      We inspect 10% of the materials from the original batch to determine the caliber of upcoming used clothing from a specific source in order to make sure the supply meets our criteria.

      5 Rounds Inspection

      5 Rounds Inspection

      To ensure that each employee is upholding our quality requirements, skilled inspectors travel through each of our sorting lines and inspect the clothing used in the procedure.

      100% Full Inspection

      100% Full Inspection

      Before putting each piece of old clothing in its own packing or bale, we carefully inspect it to maintain the uniform quality of our stock.

      6 Reasons to Choose Hissen Global

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      Only the Quality Used Clothing

      Our used clothing are available in larger sizes, are sourced from upscale residential recycling centers and major urban areas. They are in excellent condition and have an 80% new.

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      Ready to Ship Inventory

      We have approximately 3,000 tons of materials in our manufacturing facilities, ensuring that we have available winter secondhand clothing and timely delivery.

      hissenglobal's dedicated team working on several used clothes orders

      Strict Sorting as per Countries

      Our experienced employees have been working for 5 years and are capable of categorizing and examining winter clothing based on the requirements, quality levels, and regions.

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      Quality in Every Piece

      To guarantee that our winter used clothing has minimal stains, no significant fading or pilling, we subject each second-hand item to five rounds of quality checks.
      baled and wrapped used clothing order

      Processing in 7 Days for Delivery

      We possess four factories and numerous employees for sorting, handling, and examining secondhand winter clothes within seven days.

      sorter checking the collar of a used clothing

      Support During & After Sales

      Our employees will provide frequent updates on tracking information to customers and provide personalized support services to ensure timely delivery.