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Stable, Fast, Reliable Supply Counts

Built on a strong supply network from China’s top cities, Hissen Global has over 70,000 collection points to acquire a diverse set of unique clothing from. As such, we maintain an inventory reaching at least 3,000 tons of premium used clothing that is readily available to meet the demands of peak periods.

stacks of packed bales


Collecting Points




Tons of Raw Materials


First-tier Cities

With Sound Supply Chain We Guarantee

7-Day Fast Lead Time

Meet your deadlines more easily as we can complete your loading within 7 days.

100% Container Load

An additional 10% extra container space guarantees you receive more used clothing in a single container.

1 Category 1 Container

Collaborating with multiple second-hand apparel exporters enables us to support bulk orders for a single category at lower costs.

80% New Used Clothing

80% of our sourced secondhand clothes from affluent cities in excellent condition.

Personalized Item List

It is possible to tailor the inventory of used shoes and clothing to your specific requirements.

Competitive Prices

We can promise a more competitive pricing for used clothing of the same caliber.

The Best Used Products from The Best Cities

With the growth in annual clothing sales in China, Hissen Global maintains a steady supply chain to acquire branded used clothing that are new and premium quality. Our distributors are based on first-tier cities located in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Beijing, and Wuhan.

Where Quality Used Products Come from

Diverse Categories

To accommodate global tastes and meet any requirements quickly, we sort our used clothing into 120 distinct categories.

Diverse Grades

From Grades A to B, we identify used clothing by their condition to meet the needs of various groups of your customers.

Multiple Styles

All our used clothing choices are selected from top-tier cities based on the latest fashion and come in diverse styles.

Suitable Sizes

We find the appropriate size for each used clothing product based on our export experience, ensuring our sorting fulfill any brand’s requirements.

Channels Types Quality

Thrift Store Clothing


Grade A/B

No Stains ; No Worn ; Minimal Defects

Recycling Center


Grade A/B

No Overused ; Small Marks      Minimal Defects

Recycling Platform


Grade A/B

No Stains ; No Worn ; Minimal Defects

School & Government Project


Credential Clothing

Unsorted ; Untouched

Self-built Recycling System


Grade A

No Stains ; No Worn ; Minimal Defects

Abundant Inventory Ready to Ship in Days

Hissen Global is ready to deliver and display our newest products as we have an inventory filled with over 3,000 tons of used clothing, used shoes, used bags, and mixed rags.

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