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Customize Your Used Clothing in Bulk

Hissen Global offers the freedom to choose the grade, the ratio of used apparel, bale weight, and packaging to be suited for your region’s target market. A wide range selection of used clothes and used branded shoes ensures that we have what you need.


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Categories of Clothing


Pairs of Shoes/ Sack



How it Works


Tell us Your Needs

Every order is specified in detail to meet the client’s needs, from the grade to the packaging.

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Tailor to Your Needs

We ensure that each bale is tailored to match your order specifications.

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Receive What You Need

Rely on our expertise to guarantee that you get what you pay for.

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    Item List

    Our catalog is downloadable, complete with specifications like items, bale weight, and quantities. We offer containers 28.6 tons in 40ft and 13.5 tons in 20ft. In packaging shoes, you can choose the ratio per sack.

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    Get in Touch with Our Experts

      woman in orange jacket discusses the terms on the document with a man
      our team checks every used slipper sole for thickness and consistency

      Quality Grade

      Hissen offers quality grading for clients to choose from, providing Grade A and Grade B quality as per customer’s specifications. This system ensures we deliver the best quality at a reasonable price, offering you used apparel according to your budget.

      View Quality Grades >>

      Bale Weight

      As we cater to many nations, we offer our product in a wide range of bale weights according to the region’s custom requirements. We keep track of import needs like in West Africa and the Middle East accepts 80kg to 100kg/bale.

      Region Bale Weight
      West Africa & Middle East 80 kg – 100 kg/bale
      East Africa 40kg – 50kg/bale
      American & Southeast Asian 45-350 kg/bale
      sorter checking the quality of a red used shirt
      auditor checks the weight of each bale of used clothes


      Before leaving our warehouse, we take extra precautions to secure the packaging for safe and intact shipments. Additionally, we offer packaging in cases, pallets, or sacks for our used clothes and used bags.