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Exact Used Clothing for You

Hissen ships used clothes, used shoes, used bags, and mixed rags to 60 countries across four continents. With a diverse market range, we ensure that the used apparel is suitable in style and season in every country we deliver it to. We also improve our services by listening to customer feedback.


woman checking a colorful used woman's dress
quality checklist

We offer used clothes according to the quality of the target market’s requirements.

top quality used clothing is the HissenGlobal guarantee
package dimensions

Providing used clothes that are the right size on every continent.

a rack of hanged colorful used clothing for women
open packages

Offering fashionable used clothes in Japanese, Korean, and Western styles.

auditor checks the weight of each bale of used clothes
two packages
Bale Weight

delivering bale weights from 45kg, 85kg, and 90kg per customer requirement.

man sealing a bale after weighing
brown box with tape
Packing Method

Packaging protects the products arriving to the customer in the best condition.

forklifts moving stacks of used clothes bales along the warehouse

Ensuring we offer used apparel according to season and region.

Right Used Clothing Guaranteed

With over a decade in the used clothing industry, a solid supply chain, and dedicated workers are what Hissen Global offers you quality products suitable to your country.

60 Countries Presence

Hissen Global provides used apparel to more than 60 countries, from used clothes to used shoes, and more. We are knowledgeable about market preferences. Africa, for instance, prefers grade-A quality, while South America loves branded clothes from the UK.

stacks of used clothing bales within a warehouse

Robust Supply Chain

With 70,000 collecting points in main cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, and Chengdu for high-quality used apparel ensuring diversity of style and quality. Hissen Global also has a facility located in Guangzhou and Chengdu for better sorting and quality grading.


Up to 120 categories and sizing suitable for more than 60 countries


Used apparel is graded in quality enabling customers to choose what their market prefers.

Bale Weight

We deliver in bale weight specified by the customer.


Outer packaging is tightly secured to ensure that your used clothes arrive in great condition.

Meticulous Processing

The sorting process is 100% hand-picked, and every used clothes is meticulously inspected for any flaws ensuring the quality and it is suitable for the target market, We choose used clothing, used shoes, and used bags for price and quality.