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Ultimate Used Shoes Supplier

As an experienced used shoe supplier with a robust supply chain, we offer a rich selection of premium bulk used shoes sourced from trusted suppliers.

You can find different types of wholesale used shoes made by popular brands such as Adidas and Nike through our selection. Hissen Global’s customization service lets you choose the bale weight, type of shoes, and quality of each footwear to accomplish your business goals.

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    several rows of top-grade used branded shoes

    Branded Used Shoes

    The brands of the wholesale used shoes we offer are the most recognizable names in the industry, such as Puma, New Balance, Nike, and Converse. Fit up to 40 branded shoes in one bale, which can include a specific type from one name, such as Air Jordan basketball shoes, or mix it with Rebook’s training shoes for your target market.

    capture a larger market with handpicked used mixed shoes

    Mixed Used Shoes

    The option of having different shoe types and brands is available for those who are aiming for diverse markets. Each of our bulk used shoes has been thoroughly inspected for its exterior appearance, sole condition, and color quality.

    Quality Inside Out Every Pair

    Well-trained Hissen Global staff are responsible for efficiently assessing all used shoes for sell in bulk within our factories to ensure we are compliant with international standards. All used shoes go through five rounds of inspections to guarantee your orders exceed your expectations.

    • Collected from Top-tier Cities
    • 5 Rounds of Inspection
    • BV, SGS, BSC Certified
    • 100% Handpicked Sorting
    • Sorted by Categories
    • Certificate of Fumigation
    rarely worn used sports shoes with bright colors

    Rarely Worn

    All used shoes are guaranteed to look nearly brand new or intact.

    impress your customers with high Quality used Heeled shoes

    Quality Heel

    The heels of our secondhand shoes are still rigid and functional.

    pairs of used men's shoes with thick, high-quality soles

    Quality Sole

    The patterns and structure of our used shoes’ soles are visibly in excellent condition.

    Get used shoes that have great quality and are not Worn-out

    No Worn-out

    Hissen Global’s used shoes do not crack or fall apart when worn, thanks to their quality.

    used shoes from HissenGlobal have Bright Colors and thick soles

    Bright Color

    The colors and design of our used shoes are as vibrant and bright as recently manufactured used shoes.

    Source used branded shoes in various sizes for any market

    Suitable Sizes

    From children’s sizes to large US 7” shoes, we have a wide range of used shoes for different types of customers’ foot sizes.

    More to Accept, Less to Worry

    More Competitive Prices

    You are guaranteed better prices on premium used shoes since we recycle and obtain secondhand shoes in bulk, allowing you to achieve better profit margins.

    More 10% Loading Capacity

    Trained workers are skilled at filling containers at 110% max capacity to provide you with more used shoes bales for sell while cutting down on shipping fees.

    More Competitive Shoes Ratio

    To maximize profits, every sack of shoes is organized based on a favorable mix of shoe styles, ensuring that each bag contains a diverse selection.

    More Personalized Options

    Choose the bale weight or a maximum number of used shoes as well as the secondhand footwear ratio and packaging for your orders.

    More Considerate Services

    Expect a smooth transaction with Hissen Global’s added services, such as order tracking and clearance assistance.

    More Quality Used Shoes

    During the sorting process, we examine the sole and heel for quality assurance purposes, and discard any shoes that may have an attractive appearance but do not meet functional standards.

    How it Works

    Get in Touch with Our Experts


      Choose Types of Shoes

      Create your customized list of used shoes, whether mixing up different categories or opting for branded second-hand shoes.


      Customize Item List & Grade

      You can provide us with an item list to get a specific number of used shoes by type and brand per bale.Quality grade can be customized too.


      Customize Your Packaging

      You have the option to personalize your package in order to make your brands unique and adjust the weight of the bales to meet the requirements of the end user.


      Guarantee Your Quality in Every Pair

      Set the bale weight of your order to determine the number of used shoes per sack.


      Complete Your Loading

      We can finish loading in 7 days due to having a large amount of stock available and a very efficient process for handling it.


      Receive Your Used Shoes

      Expect your orders of used shoes to arrive within the expected time, thanks to our trusted logistic partners.

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