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Saving Equals to Earning

Hissen Global is the top exporter and supplier of used clothing, used shoes, mixed rags, and used bags due to our economical rates. The competitive prices we offer are thanks to our mature supply chain that delivers bulk orders to our facilities and our streamlined process.The price listed is from the previous year and may change periodically. To stay updated on the latest pricing information, you can reach out to our staff.

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    Amount Used Products Quantities/Weight Prices Range(Contact to unlock detailed prices)
    20ft Container Used Clothing 45KG×300 bales    85KG×140 bales    90KG×135 bales Used Summer Clothes: $23000.00-$25000.00
    Mixed Used Shoes 25kg x 480 sacks $15000.00-$25000.00
    Branded Used Shoes 1,0000 Pairs $15000.00-$25000.00
    Used Bags 40kg x 330 sacks Unlock Prices
    40ft Container Used Clothing 45KG×635 bales    85KG×288 bales    90KG×286 bales Used Summer Clothes:$45000.00-$50000.00

    Used Winter Clothes: $20000.00-$25000.00

    Mixed Used Shoes 25kg x 1000 sacks $30000.00-$50000.00
    Branded Used Shoes 21,000 Pairs $30000.00-$50000.00
    Used Bags 40kg x 700 sacks Unlock Prices
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    Whether you require used shoes for men or children used clothes during periods when demands are high for certain products, Hissen Global experts are ready to work with you. Create your item list and receive a free quote from our professional staff today!

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      Earn at Every Stage with us


      Quality Materials

      Materials sourced from the top Chinese metropolis are thoroughly screened by our inspection team before they are processed.


      Processing & Sorting

      Trained staff skillfully sorted clothing, shoes, bags, and other objects according to their type and grade with efficiency.



      Your orders are secured within your customized packaging that contains your branding, graphics, and other details.



      Each sack is weighted to ensure they contain the right amount of used shoes, used bags, used clothing, and mixed rags.



      Experienced workers can fill a container up to 110% of its capacity to cut down on your shipping expenses.



      By partnering with reliable logistic companies, we can complete your orders without any delays.

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