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Make Your Order Easier in Steps

Our over a decade of experience in exporting has given us a four-step solution to purchasing used clothes, used shoes, and used bags in bulk. We developed over the years a streamlined purchasing process to enable local shops to start up their business right away.

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Check our extensive catalog for the latest assortment of top-tier used clothes and used shoes, along with their respective images and product pricing.

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    hissenglobal's dedicated team working on several used clothes orders

    Ship Out / Processing

    Once you have selected your preferred used clothing items, we begin sourcing them from collection centers in key locations in China. Collection and sorting usually take a week, but with our solid supply chain and over 3,000 tons of inventory, we can expedite the process to a few days.

    If you desire your outer packaging to be distinctive, our team of specialized designers can assist you in creating a unique logo.

    3,000 Tons Inventory >>              100% Handpicked Processing >>

    Loading & Delivering

    We load your order into containers after the sourcing, inspection, and bailing process, getting it ready for shipping.

    Since we work with dependable freight forwarders, we can guarantee that your used products will arrive within a week or two.

    Logistics Management >>

    parked cargo truck with one cargo door open and filled with bales
    used clothing being baled using modern machinery

    Receive Your Order

    Get constant updates throughout the sourcing and shipping of their orders to ensure everything is delivered on schedule.

    Hissen Global exports to a wide market with an established following in Africa, Asia, South America, and Oceania. To help boost your used  business, we also provide effective selling tips and other marketing materials.

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