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Ultimate Used Clothing Exporter

Hissen Global is your leading used clothing exporter in used clothing for any age, season, color, or fashion. Taken from leading cities in China, our supply of used bulk clothing bales is consistently filled with branded and new items sorted by experts to fulfill your market’s requirements. Our efficient sorting and loading operations ensure we deliver within 7 days.

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    Featured Wholesale Used Clothing

    clothesline full of used SUMMER CLOTHES

    Summer Used Clothing

    We can provide you with appropriate used summer clothing based on your country’s preferences, which could result in increased profits for you.

    used WINTER CLOTHES for children

    Winter Used Clothing

    Designed for long-term protection against winter elements, our winter-used clothing is sorted based on varied thickness and constantly checked for signs of wear and tear.

    80% New Used Clothing in Bulk

    Through our consistent quality control measures, we categorize each item of quality wholesale used clothing we have according to grades, styles, and seasons and identify what selections work best for your region.

    • Collected from Top-tier Cities
    • 5 Rounds of Inspection
    • BV, SGS, BSC Certified
    • 100% Handpicked Sorting
    • Sorted by Categories
    • Certificate of Fumigation
    top-quality used WOMEN CLOTHING on hangers

    Bright Color

    Our used clothing remains as bright as new products on the market thanks to our fastidious sorting process.

    clothesline full of used SUMMER CLOTHES

    No Wear

    Through our testing, we identify signs of wear promptly so that we can select clothing that is durable and in good condition.

    clothes rack full of used clothes on hangers

    No Pilling

    Our used clothing has no pilling and is rarely worn out, allowing it to be worn continuously.

    vast selection of used men's clothing

    No Stains

    Quality inspections result in guaranteed no stains on every piece of used clothing, consistently.

    clothesline full of used SUMMER CLOTHES


    Studying fashion trends worldwide, our team selects popular or branded items familiar to your locale.

    an assortment of used KIDs CLOTHING

    Branded Used Clothing

    Leading suppliers provide consistent supplies of branded used clothing from Zara, HM and more to help your brand’s reputation flourish.

    Excellence in Stages, Profit as Well

    we use established standards for checking used clothing

    Collect from Upscale Cities

    Top cities in China provide us with bulk used clothing for sale that remains as good as new and that comes in diverse styles to appeal to international markets.

    team going through used clothes lined up on an assembly line

    100% Handpicked Sorting

    From our stable supply, our experienced experts apply attentive market research to identify wholesale bulk used clothing based on the specific needs of your country.

    team working on meticulous inspections on used clothing

    5 Rounds of Inspection

    We conduct a complete 5-round inspection process and ensure every aspect of production, from our raw materials to the sorting process, adheres to your specifications.

    man sealing a bale after weighing

    Precise Weight in Every Bale

    We calibrate our scales weekly so every measure captures your precise bale weight requirements.

    forklift operator taking out a stack of used clothing bales

    100% Full Container Loading

    We meet the exact quantity you require and more, as our containers can be 100% filled while leaving 10% additional space for what you need.

    forklift taking the used clothing bales from the cargo truck

    Punctual & Cost-Saving Delivery

    Along with our space-saving containers, our access to ports and ships enables us to deliver your orders at lower costs.

    "More" than You can lmagine

    Get in Touch with Our Experts

      More Experience in Exporting

      Through our logistics experience and and resources, we can easily ship out 100 containers monthly to any location according to your desired schedule.

      More Competitive Prices

      Being directly connected to trusted suppliers in top cities means that you receive your orders at affordable costs and boost your profits.

      More Capacity in a Container

      An additional 10% capacity enables us to deliver at lower shipping costs and saves you time to receive bulk orders

      More Services to Receive

      Receive top-tier assistance from our experts, including order consultation, tracking, and regular updates.

      More Advantageous Lead Time

      With supplies to fill up our 100,000 sq. m. factory, we maintain a fast turnover and consistently meet your schedule.

      More Options to Choose

      You can customize your item list, bale weight, packaging, and more to make your business more competitive.

      Seeing is Believing