Wholesale Used Cotton Pajamas

1.Fabric: Cotton.

2.Stylish Design and Colorful pattern.



Elevate your inventory with the finest selection of Wholesale Used Cotton Pajamas, exclusively from us. Our high-quality Used Cotton Pajamas are meticulously inspected to ensure they meet the highest standards.
Ideal for secondhand clothing importers and wholesalers, our collection guarantees both comfort and style. With a commitment to quality, these pajamas are sure to delight your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Brand: Our Brand ZAGUMI HISSEN INDETEXX/Logo customized
Product Name: Used Cotton Pajamas
Advantage: 1.Fabric: Cotton.

2.Stylish Design and Colorful pattern.


Raw Material: First-tier cities in china
Packaging: 1: 100kg/bale,80kg/bale,for West Africa and Asia countries2:  45kg/bale,55kg/bale for East/South/Middle Africa coutries
Shipment: PIL/ MSK 21 days rent-free period
Payment: TT / LC / PayPal 30% deposit, 70% before loading
Main Market: Africa Asia Mideast South America
Keywords: Wholesale Used Cotton Pajamas
Ladies: Party Dress, Jean/Cotton Pants, Worsted Coat Silk/Cotton Blouse Silk/Cotton/Jeans Skirt,Legging,S/L-Sleeved T-shirt, Brassiere, Silk Scarf, Jacket, Cardigan Sweater, Silk/Cotton Dress, Night Dress, Etc.
Men: Short Pants,  Jacket,Short/Long-Sleeved T-shirt,Suit Pants, Jean/Cotton Pants, Suits Etc.
Children: Summer/Winter Wear , School Uniform , Pants Etc.
100%QC: A Grade 98%
Time: 24/7* quick reply, fast delivery


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