400,000 Pairs of Branded Used Shoes

In Stock, In Quality, In Styles for Ship

Enrich your inventory with premium bulk branded used shoes that are recycled and sourced from key Chinese cities. You can find popular shoes brands from our selection, such as Puma, FILA, Converse, Vans, Nike, Adidas, and World Balance.

Hissen Global’s branded used shoes have undergone five rounds of inspection to ensure your orders exceed your expectations in exterior appearance and durability. We can accomplish your purchase in as little as 7 days thanks to our inventory of 400,000 pairs of branded used shoes in excellent quality, designs, and fitting sizes.

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    Branded Used Shoes We Offer

    Hissen Global is regularly adding new types of used shoes made by renowned global brands, allowing you to stay ahead of your competition in any branded used shoes wholesale market.

    multiple pairs of used chinese brand shoes

    Chinese Used Brand Shoes

    We have a range of shoes in different sizes, perfect for anyone

    International Used Brand Shoes

    six pairs of top-grade used basketball shoes 

    Used Basketball Shoes

    Expert sorters handpick top-quality football shoes 

    Brand Used Football Shoes

    rows of brown used leather shoes ready for packing

    Used UGG Boots

    pairs of men leather shoes handpicked by expert sorters

    Used Leather Shoes

    Trendy used women's heeled shoes with Quality Heels

    Used High Heel Shoes

    lightly used men's shoes that show little wear or tear

    Used Canvas Shoes

    multiple pairs of bright-colored used shoes for men and women

    Used Luxury Shoes

    Quality Used Shoes Matter for You & Us

    When working with Hissen Global, our premium used shoes in bales can elevate your brand to new heights while allowing you to enjoy better profit margins. Every second-hand shoe we offer comes with three business-oriented benefits.

    Personalized Item List

    Bright Color

    Suitable Sizes

    Quality Heel

    Quality Sole


    lightly used men's shoes that show little wear or tear

    No Worn-out

    Our used shoes come with a guarantee of nearly 80% new or quality condition.

    with Bright Colors and thick soles, HissenGlobal's used shoes will elevate your business

    Bright Color

    Our pre-owned shoes are just as fashionable and vibrant as new ones.

    We have a range of shoes in different sizes, perfect for anyone

    Suitable Sizes

    We cater to consumers with varied foot sizes by providing used shoes in different sizes, from children’s sizes to huge US 7″ shoes.

    Trendy used women's heeled shoes with Quality Heels

    Quality Heel

    Our wholesale pre-owned shoes has sturdy and operational heels for end user to wear.

    Carefully inspected used shoes with Quality Soles 

    Quality Sole

    The quality and appearance of the soles of our secondhand shoes are visibly in superb shape.

    We have a range of Fashionable used shoes for men and women


    The shoes we gather come from top-notch urban areas, consisting of secondhand shoes from popular brands.

    bales of used clothing stacked on a warehouse

    400,000 Pairs are Ready to Ship in 7 Days

    We have used clothing factories established up in Huizhou, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Jiangsu, and other locations, and we have 70,000 points of collection, allowing us to buy high-quality, branded used shoes and fulfill your order for delivery in less than a week.

    Choose Hissen Global, Define Brand New Walk

    For the past 11 years, Hissen Global has been exporting used shoes to over 60 nations in a variety of continents, including Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, and Oceania.

    We are able to offer a sufficient supply of worn shoes to clients globally thanks to our well-established second-hand shoe factories and trustworthy supply network. We pledge to satisfy your varied purchase needs by collaborating with foreign warehouses.

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      stacks of bales filled with used branded shoes

      Tailor to Your Countries

      Depending on the country, climate, size, preference, etc., we can offer bulk used shoes.

      Shipped to 60 Countries

      The primary areas to which we export used shoes are Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, Pakistan, and some other regions.

      500 Customers in Countries

      We have developed positive working relationships with businesses throughout various regions.

      100,000 ㎡ Factory

      Our facility has 400 seasoned employees, a 100,000 square meter total floor area, and excellent second-hand shoe sorting skills.

      Stable Used Shoes Supplying

      By utilizing 70,000 collection stations situated in affluent urban areas, we can regularly collect a sizeable volume of worn shoes, creating a stockpile of up to 3000 tons.

      High Efficient Processing

      We are capable of finishing production and loading within a timeframe of seven days.