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Ultimate Mixed Rags Supplier

Hissen Global is a leading mixed rags supplier thanks to our diverse selection of cloth made from different materials. From cleaning to paint application, we have the right type of mixed rags that bolsters your operation or accomplishes your business goals. With our mature supply chain and abundant in-stock inventory, Hissen Global can complete mixed rags bulk orders during peak periods.

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    Applications Served

    Bulk Mixed Rags We Offer

    stacked pieces of unfolded and uncut white cotton rags

    Uncut White Cotton Rags

    Our uncut white cotton scraps are sourced from grade C used clothing made entirely of cotton. Suitable for removing oil stains, stains, paint, and other stains. Our uncut white cotton rags absorb a lot of water and oil, making them an excellent alternative for cotton waste producers. We provide 100kg per bag and may accommodate bespoke sack weights.

    pieces of uncut colored cotton rags stacked on a pile

    Uncut Colored Cotton Rags

    We sell wholesale uncut colored cotton rags. Our colorful cotton scraps are from grade C t-shirts that are 80%-90% cotton. Our colorful cotton rags include designs and logos, but no metal fittings, dirt, or stains. We provide 100kg per bag and may accommodate bespoke sack weights.

    piles of used white rags from well-vetted sources

    White T-Shirt Rags

    Our white t-shirt wipers are made of knitted material and are made of 100% cotton. They are appropriate for paints, stains, varnishes, polishing, and other activities. These are high-quality, super-absorbent oil absorbent materials. We may pack according to the individual needs of the customer, ranging from 10kg to 100kg.

    HissenGlobal offers a range of wholesale rags made from top-grade used shirts

    Colored T-Shirt Rags

    Our colorful T-Shirt wipers are made from t-shirts, polo shirts, cotton and cotton mix knitted fabrics and come in sizes ranging from (20-55) cm* to (25-60) cm. These are very absorbent cotton wiping materials that are used in a variety of industries. We may pack according to the individual needs of the customer, ranging from 10kg to 100kg.

    neatly folded towels and rags made from premium materials

    Colored & White Towel Rags

    Cotton towels and bathrobes are used to make our colorful and white towels. They are very popular in the oil industry due to their excellent absorbent properties. We provide cut and uncut towels in basic white and a variety of colors.

    sheets of colored bedsheet rags folded and stacked neatly

    Colored & White Bedsheet Rags

    Our bed linen cotton rags are made of 100% cotton and are free of prints and marks. Recycled hotel bed sheets are used to make white bedsheet rags. The material is soft, lint-free, and will not harm the object’s surface while wiping, making it ideal for cleaning oil stains, water stains, and industrial appliance maintenance.

    Why Choose Our Mixed Rags

    Hissen Global aims to provide premium mixed rags for any business or industrial application at an economical price. Below are the advantages you can expect when you work with us.

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      Diverse Categories

      Rags made from different materials, including cotton, towel, fleece, and knit, are available for specific or general applications.

      High Absorption

      A strict screening process is conducted on all fabric materials to ensure they provide our mixed rags with the expected absorbency, elasticity, and durability.

      Professional Cleaning Advice

      Hissen Global experts provide detailed recommendations on which rags are suitable for your operations or projects.

      Abundant Applications Served

      From general cleaning to application, our mixed rags are utilized by businesses in various industries, such as oil production and automobile manufacturing.

      Adequate Inventory

      We have 3,000 tons of mixed rags in our inventory that are ready to be shipped to those who require them right away.

      Competitive Prices

      Hissen Global’s mature supply chain and innovative process allow us to offer our premium mixed rags at a low price.

      Applications We Served

      two people in reflective suits working on the oil field

      Gas & Oil

      The absorbency and durability of our mixed rags make them suitable for cleaning grease and other similar liquids.

      man in overalls cleaning the propeller of a raised marine vehicle


      Our mixed rags are cost-efficient solutions for boat maintenance and production operations.

      two painters painting a building wall while hanging on scaffolding

      Painting & Coating

      With its cotton material, our mixed rags can efficiently clean various paint and coating without leaving any stains.

      man wearing a complete cleaning suit working on the field


      The absorbency rate and durability of our mixed rags are suitable for equipment and machinery maintenance.

      production machine for the respinning process


      Businesses can bolster their sustainable philosophy with our mixed rags that are made from recycled materials.

      Excellence in Stages, Profit as Well

      several baskets of used clothing for sorting

      Collect from Upscale Cities

      All fabrics from our mixed rags are sourced from the top Chinese metropolis and are thoroughly screened.

      our sorters work tirelessly to check the quality and consistency of your used clothing 2


      Well-trained workers manually sort all fabrics according to their material and condition for specifically mixed rags.

      used clothing being turned into used rags


      A dedicated team cuts the fabric into specific sizes for your mixed rags, with the leftover materials recycled for other applications.

      Expert baling and packing process


      Your mixed rags are carefully placed in your custom packaging, which is later weighed to ensure they contain the right amount.
      tall stacks of expertly packed used clothing


      Pallets of your mixed rags are loaded by a trained team onto 20ft or 40ft containers and are shipped by our trusted logistic partners.

      Experts Are Ready to Help

      With decades of expertise in exporting mixed rags, we can offer valuable suggestions on cleaning rag types, sizes, and bale weights tailored to your business needs. Trust us to help you achieve your business goals with our abundant knowledge and experience.

      Get in Touch with Our Experts

        man shaking hands with client

        Tell us Your Applications /Business

        Provide the details of your business operation or project and your budget.

        Settle the Suitable Cleaning Rags

        Hissen Global’s experts will suggest one or more of our mixed rags suitable for your needs.

        Settle Bale Weight, Sizes, Quantities

        Choose the fabric size of your mixed rags and quantities as well as the bale weight to determine the number of rags per sack.

        Confirm Your Packaging

        Create customized packaging for your mixed rags for branding purposes or other applications.

        Accept Your Order

        Confirm your mixed rags order and settle the payment.

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