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HissenGlobal sorting team working on a used clothing order

Meet All Your Needs
Right from Processing

Our sorting crew pays close attention to maintaining the standard and arrangement of previously used clothing and used shoes in accordance with your country’s requirements.

Our team carefully handpicks each item in order to maintain constant quality and meet specified requirements. This practice enables them to identify and classify fresh and hygienic used products, easing the categorization and organizing process.

Your Countries

Applying 100% handpicked sorting guarantees that we select based on your target countries and their fashion preferences.

Your Grade

Handpicked sorting enables us to clearly divide new products from slightly used ones to widen your region’s options and prices.

Your Item List

Our experts handpick used clothing from your item list so every order can come with different products to fill your stock.

Your Quantities & Weight

As we follow your bale weight, we ensure our packaging holds the exact quantity you require within our containers.

How We Process

used clothing being baled using modern machinery


Our team manually sorts each item of used clothing regularly and categorizes items according to your country’s fashion preferences and measurement requirements.

team working on meticulous inspections on used clothing


Acquiring Hissen Global’s used clothing that looks good as new and lacks any tears or pilings transmits your care to your customers.

sorter compiling handpicked used clothes on a cart for baling


For consistent bale weighing, we calibrate our scales accordingly to prevent any errors and ensure consistent measurements in our loading process.

man sealing a bale after weighing


To keep our used bags, shoes and clothing secure, we use firm packaging material that protects your bulk orders from the elements or degradation.
forklift taking the used clothing bales from the cargo truck


Loading containers to nearly 100% enables us to fulfill any volume of orders you require for your region without delays.

sorters checking the condition of a pink used shirt


Before every delivery, our team conducts thorough inspections on every packaging. We follow up with our logistics partners to ensure every delivery follows your schedule.

Recycle, Sort, and Inspect for the Best

Used Clothing

A row of 5 inspections helps us guarantee that every piece of used clothing we deliver is fashionable and caters to your country’s requirements while lacking any stains, pilings, tears, and holes.


hissenglobal's dedicated team working on several used clothes orders
Our team sorting through bales of used clothing and shoes, picking only the best

Used Shoes

In our handpicked sorting, we guarantee that all our used shoes are paired with durable quality soles and can be neatly stored in single sacks.

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Used Bags

Along with checking the zipper, hardware and outer appearance of our bags, we use sealing machines to add a tight protective seal and arrange used bags within our bales according to global standard proportions.

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HissenGlobal team checking a recent order
sorters going through several baskets of used clothes

Mixed Rags

Having high moisture absorbency, our mixed rags are made from various used clothing and bed sheets with no printing, holes, or stains to ensure their sustainability. Our stable supply and efficient sorting help you get bulk mixed rags on time.

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