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Mixed Used Shoes in Bales

Diversify your selection with our premium mixed-used shoes that are sourced from the top Chinese metropolis. All of our secondhand shoes comes in different types, such as boots, sneakers, sandals, and heels.

Hissen Global also offers customized packaging and allows you to adjust the type of wholesale used shoes that comes in each bale, helping you obtain the right used shoe mix to accomplish your business goals.

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    Bulk Mixed Used Shoes We Offer

    We offer an incredible range of wholesale mixed-used shoes for men, women, and children, allowing you to target different markets.

    From casual to leather Men's Used Shoes, we have them all

    Men's Used Shoes

    Choose from various men’s used shoes from our selection, such as basketball shoes, sneakers, and boots.

    Explore our assortment of Children's Used Shoes

    Children's Used Shoes

    Tap into new markets with our high-grade mixed used shoes for kids, such as toddler shoes, pre-walking shoes, and school shoes.

    HissenGlobal offers a range of women's used shoes

    Women's Used Shoes

    Attract different types of potential customers with our women’s used shoes, including high heels, sports shoes, and athletic shoes.

    More Used Sneakers in Every Sack

    Choose the type of used shoes to place in each bale, such as men’s shoes, children’s shoes, or leather shoes. The customizable ratio of our used shoes bale makes it easy for businesses to replenish their inventory or in finding specific footwear that will attract new types of customers. Buy used shoes in bulk from us and thrive beyond imagination.

    six pairs of top-grade used sports shoes 

    Men’s Sports Shoes

    HissenGlobal offers a range of men's used shoes

    Men’s Brand Shoes

    Assorted used sports shoes for men and women

    Men’s Leather Shoes

    An assortment of mens leather shoes

    Men’s Office Leather Shoes

    trendy canvas shoes that work for any occasion

    Men’s Canvas Shoes

    for trendy and durable used casual shoes, HissenGlobal is your choice

    Men’s Casual Shoes

    Hissenglobal offers a range of strictly-sorted lady sport shoes

    Women’s Sport Shoes

    high-quality used canvas shoes for women

    Lady Canvas Shoes

    used casual shoes for women handpicked by our sorters

    Lady Casual Shoes

    comfortable and brightly-colored women's sandals

    Lady Sandals

    thick soled women's shoes only at HissenGlobal

    Women’s Thick-soled Shoe

    an assortment of top-tier children's shoes with bright colors and prints

    Chidren’s Shoes

    Why Our Mixed Used Shoes

    Hissen Global mixed used shoes have superior durability, exterior appearance, a sturdy sole, and attractive colors due to our strict QC policy. You can also customize your selection of mixed secondhand shoes per sack to replenish your inventory or tap into new markets.

    Personalized Item List

    In each bag of bulk secondhand shoes that we offer, there are numerous pairs of sneakers included. Additionally, you have the option to inform us of any specific shoes you desire.

    Grade A/Grade B Quality

    Depending on your budget and the type of customers you’re targeting, you have the option to select from a variety of used shoe grades.

    Personalized Bale Weight

    It is possible to tailor the weight of packages containing second-hand clothing according to the country and type of your business.

    Big Sizes Used Shoes

    We export larger-sized shoes (China 40, US 7, and above) to African and South American markets, and also offer children’s shoes for ages 1-10.

    Reasonable Categories & Ratio

    Each sack can contain a mixed ratio of used shoes such as sneakers, sports shoes, high heels, and more.

    Branded Used Shoes

    Mixed used shoe orders include branded ones from popular names such as Converse, Sketchers, New Balance, and Vans.

    Superior Quality

    All mixed-used shoes are hand sorted by trained workers and subjected to five rounds of inspection.

    Competitive Prices

    Hissen Global sources our mixed-used shoes in bulk to provide them at lower used shoes prices.

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    Wait Less, Cost Less, Worry Less with More in Stock

    Our 70,000 collection stations are dispersed throughout China, ensuring a plentiful supply of used shoes in our second-hand factories. With 400 dedicated workers and 4 robust second-hand shoe factories, we can sort, load, and process your used shoes within a week.

    Choose Hissen Global, Define Brand New Walk

    Hissen Global has been engaged in the export of second-hand shoes to more than 60 countries across several continents such as Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, and Oceania for the past 11 years.

    We have a robust factory and a reliable supply network, which enables us to provide an adequate quantity of used shoes to clients worldwide. Our commitment to meeting the diverse buying requirements of our clients includes partnering with foreign warehouses.

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      forklift operator taking out a stack of used clothing bales

      Tailor to Your Countries

      We have the ability to provide used shoes based on various factors such as the country, climate, size, and preference.

      Shipped to 60 Countries

      Our main export destinations for second-hand shoes include Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, Pakistan, and a few other regions.

      500 Customers in Countries

      We have established favorable partnerships with enterprises across different regions, such as CQS, BEA, TRI, and STAR.

      100,000 ㎡ Factory

      Our facility is equipped with highly skilled and experienced 400 employees, covers a total floor area of 100,000 square meters, and boasts exceptional expertise in sorting used shoes.

      Stable Used Shoes Supplying

      We have a network of 70,000 collection stations located in prosperous urban areas, which enables us to collect a significant quantity of used shoes on a regular basis.

      High Efficient Processing

      We have the ability to complete manufacturing and loading tasks within a period of seven days.