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Tackling Used Products Needs for 60 Countries

Hissen Global is key to the success of business within more than 60 countries thanks to our premium and economical used shoes, used bags, used clothes, and mixed rags. Our experience with various markets can help you find the right clothing, used shoes and more that can grab the attention of your target audience in your specific area.

African Market

Countries across the African market have a great demand for clothes that are larger in size, have vibrant colors, are made of silk or smooth materials, and have a conservative style.

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North Africa>>

used clothing store with clothes in display
several used clothing stores

Asian Market

There is a strong preference for shorts, short skirts, White or light-colored T-shirts, and cotton shirts that have a Japanese or Korean style among customers within the Asian market.

Asian Market >>


South American markets have a high demand for clothes that are larger in size and have bright colors. Sandals and fit footwear are highly preferred in countries within this region.

However, in South America, there is a demand for high-quality branded clothes.

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shoppers walking on a market road
used clothing store

The Middle East Market

Customers in the Middle East region want comfortable and stylish footwear from popular brands. The market also has a high demand for branded clothing or ones that come from renowned designers.

The Middle East Market >>

Oceania Market

Summer and winter clothing are in high demand within the Oceania market due to the region’s climate. There is also a large preference for slip-on or casual shoes within the region.

Oceania Market >>

several used clothing stores showing their stocks
market filled with shoppers

European Market

Our commitment is to consistently offer excellent second-hand products, including used clothing, used shoes, and bulk cleaning rags, to the European market. We aim to cater to the varying demands of different European regions for used goods.

European Market >>