Export Used Products to East African Market

Hissen Global is a leading supplier of used clothes, used shoes, and used bags to East African countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania. The experience we accumulated from sending various goods to this region allows us to determine which products are highly sought after by their market. With our experts’ help, we can help you tap into the East African market with the proper selection of our used goods.

Why Buy Used Clothing in Bulk from us

100% Handpicked for Your Countires

Our staff are experienced in hand sorting used clothes, used shoes, and used bags that are highly demanded in the East African Market.

Superior Quality

We have a strict QC system that involves a thorough screening of all incoming materials and five rounds of inspections on all used goods.

Competitive Prices

By acquiring all used shoes, used clothing, and used bags in bulk from key Chinese cities, we can offer our premium secondhand goods at a competitive rate.

Lower Shipping Cost

With our facilities located in Guangzhou, China, where we can easily access the port, we can deliver your orders at a low fee.

More Container Load

The expertise and skills of our workers allow us to load 110% of used goods into any container, allowing you to pay less on shipping bulk orders.

Branded Used Clothing

Enhance your selection with our selection of branded used clothing, used shoes, and used bags from the likes of Adidas, Nike, and Zara.

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    Bale Weight of East African Market

    We can adjust the bale weight to ensure they have the right number of used goods for the East African Market. Trained workers are also capable of fitting your bales onto a 20ft or 40ft container by filling their max capacity by 110% to cut down on your shipping expenses.

    forklift operator taking out a stack of used clothing bales

    Container 40ft HQ

    Used Clothing Used Shoes Used Bags
    45KG×635 bales 25kg x 1005 sacks 40kg x 700 sacks
    forklift taking the used clothing bales from the cargo truck

    Container 20ft HQ

    Used Clothing Used Shoes Used Bags
    45KG×300 bales 25kg x 480 sacks 40kg x 330 sacks

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