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Ultimate Used Bag Supplier

Acquired from leading brands, our wholesale used bags help your brand make a statement about your care for quality. To meet varying fashion preferences for each region, our team conducts market analysis to help sort out what you need.

As a reliable second hand bags supplier, beside supply quality wholesale used bags in bulk, we maintain their clean appearance through tight protective sealing to prevent spillage.

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    Wide Range of Featured Used Bags

    From backpacks and satchels to women’s leather purses and cloth bags, we acquire wholesale second-hand bags from Zara and other brands to go with market trends and give your audience a wider array of choices.

    captivating used ladies' bags with stunning designs 

    Women’s Leather Bags

    wide range of used school bags with different prints and colors to choose from


    durable used cloth bags available in various designs and colors

    Cloth Bags

    top-quality laptop bags with minimal to no visual wear

    Laptop Bags

    from leather backpacks to backpacks with camo designs, we have it all


    Source your trendy handbags from HissenGlobal


    fashionable used purse sourced from key locations in China


    HissenGlobal carries a line of BRAND BAGS


    Diverse Used Bags in One Sack

    Each sack weighs 38kg and contains a variety of pre-love bags for travel, school and other purposes to ensure your selections are diverse and give more options to your audience.

    Product Item Pcs /Sack
    Mixed Bags(A) 7
    Man Shoulder Bag 3
    Cloth Bag 3
    Computer Bag 2
    Other Ladies Bags to Match the Total Weight /
    check out our vast selection of used BRAND BAGS

    Pretty & Quality Inside Out Our Bulk Used Bags

    Hissen Global’s quality control is shown in our five rounds of inspection and 80% new product that maintain quality consistency. We prevent damaged used bags or even small tears from reaching the loading container.

    • Collected from Top-tier Cities

    • 5 Rounds of Inspection

    • BV, SGS, BSC Certified
    • 100% Handpicked Sorting

    • Sorted by Categories

    • Certificate of Fumigation
    our selection of used bags feature pieces that show minimal use

    Rarely Worn

    As 80% of our used bags are new, we ensure your used bags maintain their appearance under constant exposure.

    explore HissenGlobal's used designer bag offerings

    Quality Hardware

    With our sewing machines and other tools, we ensure our used bags are durable and free from spillage and resistant to tears.

    handpicked used SHOULDER BAGS

    Smooth Zipper

    Durable, and fast-locking, our bags possess zippers that zip without added hassle and require little maintenance before being displayed.

    check out HissenGlobal's selection of WOMEN LEATHER BAGS

    No Peeling

    Checking any surface damage in our inspections eliminates any bags that peel easily and ensures consistent quality.

    captivating used ladies' bags with stunning designs 


    Our experts have an eye on the fashion world and pick only bags that connect better to your locale.

    we carry an assortment of used bags from the most popular global brands

    Branded Used Bags

    Branded items raise awareness to your stock and boost your retail shop’s reputation as a leading source for quality used bags.

    Excellence in Stages, Profit as Well

    sorter in apron inspecting blue school bag

    Collect from Upscale Cities

    Reputed for their comprehensive supply of branded and premium bags, upscale cities in China meet the increasing demand for more fashionable used bags choices

    sorters going through stacks of used clothing

    100% Handpicked Sorting

    Our experts sort by hand without the need for added equipment or machinery to help select used bags that fit your specifications.

    we check every aspect of the used bag to ensure utmost quality

    5 Rounds of Inspection

    Our inspection team checks on the material purchasing and sorting process to ensure that our complete production cycle is on time and meets quality standards.

    HissengGlobal staff sealing a bale of used clothes

    Precise Weight in Every Bale

    At every turn, we calibrate our scales to prevent any errors and ensure every package meets your country’s bale weight requirements.
    forklift operator taking out a stack of used clothing bales

    100% Full Container Loading

    Our expertise in loading enables us to fill the whole container and added additional 10% space to save delivery time and costs.

    HissenGlobal's sorting warehouse filled with bales of used clothing 2

    Punctual & Cost-Saving Delivery

    Working together with leading logistics and shipping groups reduces downtime and shipping costs for every delivery to your region.

    "More" than You Can Imagine

    Get in Touch with Our Experts

      More Experience in Exporting
      Our documentation service easesentry to your borders while wehave access to ports andtransports for timely exportation.
      More Competitive Prices

      Our connections with leading cities and suppliers enables you to receive used bags without added costs on your end.

      More Capacity in a Container
      Adding 10% capacity to our containers ensures you can get as many bags as needed for one bulk order at lower costs.
      More Services to Receive
      We sort specific used bags to your liking and resolve your quality issues before delivery, all while we keep to your schedule.
      More Advantageous Lead Time
      Constantly receiving tons of used bags, our experts are used to sorting and loading bulk orders to meet a fast turnover.
      More Branded Bags
      China’s leading cities help us gain easy access to various branded bags to draw more attention to your audience.

      Seeing is Believing