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Buy in Bales or Containers, We've You Covered

Delivering your order on time is essential to establishing good business relations. With our excellent logistic management, from the packaging to delivery to the port where it is received by the forwarding company, we ensure the package is safe. We partner with major shipping companies that provide smooth and hassle-free delivery. We can always provide suitable logistics solutions for you, whether you are purchasing secondhand clothes in bulk or opting for a used clothing in container.

Low Shipping Cost

We have one of the cheapest shipping fees on the market.

Fast Delivery Time

98% of our worldwide shipments arrive on schedule.

Convenient Cooperation

Partnering with major shipping companies, we are updated on the tracking of the shipments.

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Reliable Shipping Partners

We partnered with more than 40 freight forwarder companies that ship used clothes and used shoes to many countries. They ensure zero backlogs on our deliveries of premium second-hand products, making them available to our clients worldwide.

Guaranteed Allocation

Our close ties with reputable freight forwarders guarantee space allocation for our shipments. The space allocation ensures your orders are prioritized and the shipment is sent on schedule every t making sure there are no delays even in peak seasons.

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    Punctual Delivery

    Hissen Global is experienced in shipping goods across four continents, and we ensure delivery of your order on time. We ship second-hand goods in Asia, Africa, Oceania, and South America catering to the market as one of the leading used clothing solutions

    Clearance Assistance

    We and our freight forwarder partners are aware of customs requirements in various countries. We cooperate by providing all legal requirements and declaring all shipments for inspections for a smooth process, preventing delays, penalties, and fines.

    white cargo truck arriving at the port