Factory Wholesales Various Used Brand Sneaker

1.Keep you safe from the cold and snow

2.Both trendy and sophisticated.


When you choose from the wide variety of Used Brand Sneakers provided by Hissen Factory, you will have a range of trustworthy choices, each pair is the perfect combination of quality and fashion.
Whether you are looking for trendy or classic styles, whether you are a sports enthusiast or a fashionista who values casual wear, you will find the ideal sneakers here.
By choosing second-hand brand sneakers from Hissen Factory, you can not only get high-quality goods, but also have fashionable and comfortable sneakers at a more reasonable price.

Brand: Our Brand ZAGUMI HISSEN INDETEXX/Logo customized
Product Name: Used Brand Sneaker
Advantage: 1.High-quality



Raw Material: First-tier cities in china
Packaging: 28kg/bale, 30kg/bale
Shipment: PIL/ MSK 21 days rent-free period
Payment: TT / LC / PayPal 30% deposit, 70% before loading
Main Market: Middle East and North, South and Central America
Keywords: Factory Wholesales Various Used Brand Sneaker
Ladies: Party Dress, Jean/Cotton Pants, Worsted Coat Silk/Cotton Blouse Silk/Cotton/Jeans Skirt,Legging,S/L-Sleeved T-shirt, Brassiere, Silk Scarf, Jacket, Cardigan Sweater, Silk/Cotton Dress, Night Dress, Etc.
Men: Short Pants,  Jacket,Short/Long-Sleeved T-shirt,Suit Pants, Jean/Cotton Pants, Suits Etc.
Children: Summer/Winter Wear , School Uniform , Pants Etc.
100%QC: A Grade 98%
Time: 24/7* quick reply, fast delivery


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