Wholesale Used Blanket

1.Soft and Plush

2.Various colors and sizes

3.Thick and thicker type


Hissen presents a premium selection of Wholesale Used Blankets, tailored for secondhand clothing wholesalers and importers.
Our Used Blankets combine quality and comfort to meet the unique needs of your business.
Trust Hissen to deliver blankets that will impress your customers and support your eco-conscious initiatives.

 Brand: Our Brand ZAGUMI HISSEN INDETEXX/Logo customized
Product Name: Wholesale Used Blanket
Advantage: 1.Soft and Plush

2.Various colors and sizes

3.Thick and thicker type

Raw Material: First-tier cities in china
Packaging: 1: 100kg/bale,80kg/bale,for West Africa and Asia countries2:  45kg/bale,55kg/bale for East/South/Middle Africa coutries
Shipment: PIL/ MSK 21 days rent-free period
Payment: TT / LC / PayPal 30% deposit, 70% before loading
Main Market: Africa Asia Mideast South America
Keywords: Wholesale Used Blanket
Ladies: Party Dress, Jean/Cotton Pants, Worsted Coat Silk/Cotton Blouse Silk/Cotton/Jeans Skirt,Legging,S/L-Sleeved T-shirt, Brassiere, Silk Scarf, Jacket, Cardigan Sweater, Silk/Cotton Dress, Night Dress, Etc.
Men: Short Pants,  Jacket,Short/Long-Sleeved T-shirt,Suit Pants, Jean/Cotton Pants, Suits Etc.
Children: Summer/Winter Wear , School Uniform , Pants Etc.
100%QC: A Grade 98%
Time: 24/7* quick reply, fast delivery


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