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Used Sneakers Supplier

Guaranteed to be in excellent wearable condition, Our used shoes are free of stains and holes, making them a great choice that your customers will appreciate. Our collections of wholesale used shoes is divided into two categories including mixed shoes and branded shoes. Our stock of used shoes from popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Converse and Jordan includes a large selection of specialty shoes including cowboy boots, work boots, sneakers,ect.

As a professional second hand shoes supplier, we can supply quality and competitive wholesale used shoes to meet your various requirements. Bale weight, style, quality and packaging method can all be customized. Get started today!

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    Used Sneakers for Your Countries

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    Right Styles

    Hissen Global’s experienced sorters meet your order requirements precisely and find fashion-forward styles befitting your region.

    • International Brand Sneakers (Men/ladies/kids)

    • China Brand Sneakers (Men/ladies/kids)
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    Right Locations

    Your summer used clothing comes in on time thanks to our collaboration with leading logistics and shipping companies.

    • Asia

    • Middle East
    • Oceania
    • South America
    Sneakers Bale Weight
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    Sneakers Bale Weight
    Our sneakers are sold in pairs, and the weight can be changed for you according to your market requirements, complying with the single package weight requirements of your country/region
    • Packing weight Men 28-30kg per bale/ladies 25kg per bale/kids 20kg per bale

    Sneakers Bale Size
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    Right Sizes

    We study your requirements and the common measurements in your region to ensure our clothes enter your region hassle-free.

    • UK/US Sizes

    • Asia Sizes
    • Middle East Sizes
    • Central and South America Sizes

    why Choose Hissen shoes

    HissenGlobal's two warehouses 2

    100,000 m' Factory

    Almost 100,000 square meters are occupied by the plant of Hissen Global, which has 200 employees and 125 flow lines.

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    3,000 Tons Inventory

    We usually stock 3,000 tons of used clothing thanks to our reliable supply chain, making it fast to ship to other nations.

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    100% Handpicked Processing

    Our skilled employees can pick and classify used clothing in accordance with your nation, budget, target market, and environment.

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    100% Competitive Pricing

    We may sell branded secondhand apparel from domestic and international brands at lower prices than used clothing from the UK or the US.

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    through our comprehensive services, we guarantee lasting partnerships

    60 Countries Presence

    We have been delivering our used summer clothing to nations all over the world and have established a solid reputation.

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    11 Years of Experience

    Having supplied used apparel to various nations, we are aware of their preferences, export requirements, and commercial requirements.

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      Quality in Every Piece of Used Sneakers

      Matching the latest styles worldwide, our used sneakers is only slightly used and retains their bright colors and patterns to blend in any scenery. Our strict sorting ensures consistent quality and identifies the right used sneakers to fit your target country’s fashion sense.

      80% New of Products

      80% New of Products

      90% of all second-hand clothing we buy or receive from dependable suppliers must be hardly used, and 80% must be brand new.

      10% Material Inspection

      10% Material Inspection

      To make sure the supplier is up to our standards, we check 10% of the materials from the initial batch to assess the quality of upcoming used sneakers from a certain source.

      5 Rounds Inspection

      5 Rounds Inspection

      Experienced inspectors walk through each of our sorting lines to make sure every employee is adhering to our quality standards.

      100% Full Inspection

      100% Full Inspection

      To preserve the consistent quality of our used sneakers, we thoroughly inspect each item of worn sneakers before placing it in its unique packaging .

      Fashionable, Comfortable, Sustainable
      Fashion in 60 Countries

      We have a particular advantage over other suppliers in understanding market preferences because of our 10 years in the sector and collaborations with brands in more than 60 countries. For instance, we are aware that worn silk clothing in brilliant colors and traditional patterns is preferred in African markets.

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      Earn Easier, More, and Faster with Hissen Global

      We have been supplying used sneakers in bulk to about 60 nations since 2009 and have established a solid reputation with reputable used sneakers importers,We not only offer premium used sneakers at wholesale prices, but also top-notch services like logistics control and customs clearance. Our dedication is to help you increase your earnings more effectively and efficiently.

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        Summer Used Clothing

        Our used sneakers gathered from the city are mostly brand new with vibrant colors and no apparent marks.

        six packages


        Container Load

        We assure you that our containers will be completely filled, and we’ll provide an additional 10% capacity to assist in cost savings.



        Lead Time

        We can finish processing and loading your order within a week, allowing you to take advantage of our fast service and stock availability to capture your market.



        Purchasing Experience

        We are proficient in English, French, and Spanish, enabling us to communicate with you effortlessly while also offering support with logistics and customs clearance.